Varsity Skiing Awards

Most Valuable Player Most Improved Player Joe Lubar Sportsmanship Award Team Captain
2020 Porter Westveer and Lucy Daniels 2020 Joseph Gozon and Mars Ferrer 2020 Nico Potter and Stephanie Goris 2020 Stephanie Goris, Nico Potter, Porter Westveer
2019 Porter Westveer and Samantha Larson 2019 Spencer Steffes and Elsa Hinke 2019 Asher Rafkin and Kelly Schroeder 2019 Samantha Larson, Kelly Schroeder, Kara Skowlund
2018 Porter Westveer and Martha Daniels 2018 Nico Potter and Kala Siddalingaiah 2018 JD Wood and Martha Daniels 2018 JD Wood, Samantha Larson, Martha Daniels
2017 Hans Hinke and Martha Daniels 2017 Thomas Wilkinson and Mira Stephens 2017 Cameron Kaufmann and Kristina Hopkins 2017 Cameraon Kaufmann, Kristina Hopkins, Charlotte Siegel
2016 Hans Hinke and Stephanie Larson 2016 Cameron Kaufmann and Charlotte Siegel 2016 Hans Hinke and Kristina Hopkins 2016
2015 Henry Weiss and Merrill Read 2015 Martha Daniels   2015 Dylan Ross, Henry Miller, Hans Hinke, Stephanie Larson, Kristina Hopkins, and Gretchen Becthold
2014 Isaac Siegel and Brooke Hopkins 2014 DJ Bobbs and Kristina Hopkins 2014 Ian Segel and Merrill Read 2014 Sam Epstein, Henry Weiss, Brooke Hopkins, Merrill Read and Gretchen Becthold
2012 Spencer Haas and Cassie Bence 2012 Henry Weiss and Brooke Hopkins 2012 Patrick Lubar and Michelle Bal  
2011 Spencer Haas and Cassie Bence 2011 Patrick Lubar and Brooke Hopkins 2011 Patrick Lubar and Elena Noyes  
2010 Nick Segal and Cassie Bence 2010 Alex Geronime and Aliz Savay    
2009 Nick Segel and Cassie Bence 2009 Tom Ulricson and Aliz Savay
2008 Spencer Reinhart and Betsy Lucas 2008 Alex Geronime and Amelia Radtke
2007 Nick Leonard, Simen Solvang, and Betsy Lucas 2007 Andy VanderBerg and Mia Lichter
All-Conference All-Conference Honorable Mention National Qualifier
2020 Porter Westveer    
2019 Porter Westveer    
    2018 Martha Daniels
    2017 Martha Daniels
2015 Merrill Read   2015 Henry Weiss 2015 Merrill Read
    2014 Issac Siegel